Diet Treatment

The Tole Research shows, food that contains artificial coloring and preservative will affect the fetus brain. Food additives and sugar might be the reason causes the kids hyperactive. Some of the ADD kids avoid sugar and food artificial can help to reduce the hyperactive symptoms. However, this factor did not prove by any test. The Tole research shows, diet treatment can help most of the ADD kids to reduce the hyperactive symptoms.

If the mother smoke, drink alcohol and taking drugs during pregnant may increase the risk of ADD for kids. Cigarette, alcohol and drugs may cause fetus’s brain not enough of oxygen. When neuron did not have enough oxygen to work, the calls may not active or will be damage. This causes brain development problem.


Food That ADD Patients Should Take More
  1. Omega 3 fatty acid
    • Omega 3 fatty acid is the main and important role for ADD kids.
    • Omega 3 fatty acid is a good fat for human body especially for kids.
    • Omega 3 fatty acid can help kids to develop brain cells.
    • For ADD kids, Omega 3 fatty acid could link the unlink brain cells together. The Omega 3 fatty acid helps brain cells to received message and sent to others. Omega 3 also good for kids who have learning disorders, cerebral palsy, brain coma, ADHD and autism.
    • Fish oil. Olive oil and flax seed do contain different level of Omega 3.
  2. Vitamin B
    • Nuts, liver, meats, fish, vegetables and fruits have rich vitamin B. The Tole Research shows, vitamin can help to reduce stress and improve the neutron activity. However, do not take too much of vitamin B in a day because it do brings different level of side effects.
  3. Protein
    • Protein is a very important mineral for kids. Kids with ADD need a high protein diets. You can include meats, nuts, beans and eggs in their breakfast and lunch. Protein can provide more energy and help the ADD kids to feel full longer.
Food That ADD Patients Should Avoid
  1. No artificial food colorings
    • A lot of food included artificial food colorings. Artificial food colorings can causes ADD. The food contain artificial colorings is candy, cakes, can foods, desserts and some of the meat also included artificial colorings. To avoid the artificial food colorings, please read the label before buying the product.
  2. No junk food
    • Junk foods contain a high sugar and carbohydrates. Sugar and carbohydrates will cause the ADD symptoms worst. ADD kids should avoid sugar and carbohydrates. Example of junk foods is chips, hamburgers, hotdog, fast food, French fries and etc.
  3. No sugar drinks
    • Can drinks, coffee, soda and tea drinks have a high content of sugars. The can drinks label with NO SUGAR is containing some artificial sugar. Better drink mineral water/plain water.
    • Having a good diet plan can help the ADD kids to control their symptoms. The researchers and scientist found, sugar will causes ADD symptoms become worst. A steady blood sugar levels benefit the brain, whether a child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or not.
  4. No dairy products
    • ADD kids should avoid milk products especially cow milk. Most of kids have an allergic for milk products. Try avoid the milk product and see whether the kids reactions and behavior.
Alternative Treatment and Herbs

Alternative Treatment like Chinese Medicine and Chinese Treatment such as acupuncture is a good way to manage your ADD symptoms. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture is one of famous alternative treatment provided for ADD patient which do not have bad side effect. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture is a acupuncture technique using fine needles to puncture the scalp to active the brain energy. Neuro Acupuncture will not hurt your brain because the needles do not go through the scalp to the brain; it is only on the scalp puncture point to flow the energy inside the brain.

Herbs are very helpful to reduce the ADD symptoms. The effectiveness had been proving by many researchers and scientist. As many people know The Tole Neuro Brain Powder is created by herbal formula which includes more than 2 herbs. The Tole Neuro Brain Powder is specially created by Chinese Master. Chinese Master herbal formula are different from others Chinese physician which do not bring any side effect to patients. People all around the world order The Tole Neuro Brain Powder online, the sales is keep on growing faster. The Tole Neuro Brain Powder online, the sales is keeping on growing faster. The Tole Neuro Brain Powder not only for child and also adults. Patient can take it by mixing it with any liquid. It is safety and efficiency because it is 100% using herbal that Chinese Master plant himself.


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